1.        You can register as a contestant as of Sunday June 24 up until Friday July 6, 24.00h CET, 2018.

2.        The word "your time" means the time in hours, minutes and seconds that you predict to be the time that the Tour de France stage winner needs to win the stage that day.

3.        You will fill out the first entries of the predictionsform on or before Saturday July 6, 2018 11am CET.

4.        Changing the predictions you have already filled out is possible. On the day of the race itself It is possible to change you prediction until 11am CET only.

5.        The contestant who's time is the closest to the real stage result gets the maximum points that day. This is equal to the number of contestants. The deviation counts. It makes no difference if your time is above or beyond the stage result. This will count down until the worst contestant still gets one point.

6.        Ex aequo counting is used. The same deviation means the same rating.

7.        If your time matches the stage result exactly you get bonus points. The bonus is the same as half the number of contestants.

8.        The official Tour de France stage results (Societe du Tour de France) will be used as published.

9.        Results of (team)timetrials will be published officially in tenth of seconds. This will be rounded up mathematically to seconds for use of the competition.

10.     The distances as published on your contestant sheet as well as on the web site match the official distances (Societe du Tour de France).

11.     In case of special occasions (e.g. a cancelled or changed stage, or disqualification of the stage winner and so on) the competition controller will decide over the consequences to the competition (e.g. change or not change an already published results or assigning the same result to each contestant).

12.     The winner of the "last"prize is the one who will be the overall last contestant after the final stage. If this person may not have skipped more than two times the "last"prize will be awarded to the 'last but one' contestant.

13.     For the 2018 Competition there is a contribution of € 5.00 (approx. $ 5.80 or £ 4,40), children up to 15 year € 2,00. Half of the total amount of contribution will be donated to the KWF (the Dutch Cancer Society). The rest, minus costs TdB bank account, will be distributed over the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners as well as the "last"prize winner.
If you live outside of the Netherlands, please inform about your payment by e-mail in advance.

14.   The donation to the KWF will be published on this website. 

15.   The competition's budget will be published on the website.

16.   Your predictions to be posted to this website only.

17.   Privacy statement. In order to be able to run the Tour de Boer game we need your full name and e-mail address to be in contact with you. Your full name is only visible if logged in, also for final results of previous editions. If your name is mentioned on the home page, we will only use your first name, not your full name. Your data will never be handed over to anyone. Data will be filed for a year after the end of an edtion in order to be able to hand you a prize and to invite you for the next edition. Before next year's registration opens, last year's data will be deleted.